4 Jun 2017

Time will come that the world will get used to your lingering presence. Once that happens, humans won’t anymore fear you. Humans will be equipped with courage to face you, fight you or even die with you! Humans will learn how to embrace and forgive you. You will just be part of our nature. But please, let us know your purpose because some of us will not be ready to do so, unless we understand your reason. We want to know in order for us to understand and welcome the idea of just letting you be and cohabiting with you, in this beautiful place we all are standing and living upon! Please, Let us know!

-Says ‘Humans and Humanity’ to ‘War and Terrorism’

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28 May 2017

Sunsets has its own beauty and so is he. She ran down and decided not to chase the setting beauty only to find out he wasn’t waiting for her below.

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Lost in wilderness.
Unearthen this emptiness.
Lead and fill me, fire!

Your warmth calms me down.
Your presence, my sweet refuge.
Cold-hearted destroyer!

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19 May 2017

Strings of rejections,
Discouraged sometimes.
By events and humans alike.
Like a river which flows over and against rocks.
Rock’s eventuality is erosion.
Water will never keep still.
It will flow right through the endless ocean.
It will nourish trees of the wilderness.
It will fill up your veins, and even brains.
It will evaporate up to the sky!
The more failures, the more detours it may have, the more exposure!
I will be as calm yet as effective as water!
You will feel me, but you will not know I’ve touched you until your ‘rock-ness’ is crushed into ‘soil-ness’! Not that being a soil is bad either!
Let’s just be!
Water or soil.

– Says the “a little bit of crazy, a little bit of a fool, a little bit of lonely, a little bit of all”

Gosh! Lacrimation is happening! 2017, you’ve been a little tough. Though I feel your wrath, I don’t want you over….I’m sure you’ll lead me somewhere…I’m so thrilled to know where!

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Taiwan’s waterfalls, old town and our farewell

13 May 2017

On our last day in Taipei, we decided to see Shifen area. So, we checked out first, and took the MRT to Muzhang Station and took bus 795 to Shifen waterfalls, the last stop. Travel time took almost an hour to reach the terminal. So, if you are planning to go there, it would be best to do so early. The waterfalls was beautiful, only it was too crowded. After the falls, we went to the famous old town. As usual, people were crowding the area for the lanterns.


Old Town

Our trip there was rather short because we were flying home already that night. We planned to eat at Din Tai Fung to conclude our trip, but as we go into the restaurant at Mega City, the queue was really long, Sadly, we had to give up on this plan. We just had dinner at the food court.

After the meal, we took our bags from the hotel and took the cab to the airport.


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Taiwan’s parks and nature

12 May 2017

We were supposed to first go to Yangminshan National Park and do a little bit of hiking and sight-seeing. Unfortunately, we missed the MRT stop, so instead of going back and changing to Red Line, we just decided to change at Brown Line and went to Dahu Park instead. It was a serene place where people take their own sweet time walking and fishing. We spent a little more than an hour to do a lot of photo ops. We had lunch in a small shop at Daan Station after that.

We then headed out to Yangminshan by MRT and bus (Shilin MRT, Take bus R5 or 260, last stop is the park). It was the first time we were taking a bus; hence the method still wasn’t very clear. We just copied people as they tap their cards only before they alight. We then reached the National park. My sister and I just decided to go up a little bit and go to the observation/viewing area. Mom and dad gave up half way. There wasn’t much view on top. It was foggy and it was drizzling that’s why. After reaching the viewing area, we trailed back down to meet with mom and dad and walked towards the Park’s gate where a bus stop’s located.

We took the bus going to Beitou MRT. I thought, why not pass by the hot spring area too. From Beitou, we went to Xinbeitou and attempted if we can get through one of the hot springs but unfortunately, they were really strict about dress codes; hence, we went back to the station without being in one.

Since we were already in the northern area, we decided to have our dinner by the riverside at Tamsui. We bought some fried food from the market and sat by the river. My sister and I had a heated argument about my life and the non-existence of life plans thereof. We kissed and made up after that anyway, because it was time for shopping. They shopped. I walked with my dad.

We concluded the night after that.

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Taiwan, the heart of Asia

10 – 13 May 2017

True to its tagline, Taiwan, really melted my family’s heart. Their natural resources were lush and beautiful. Their city was clean and safe. Public transportation were well-connected. The Taiwanese were gentle and kind. I will definitely go back there.

Day 1: Just around the Central Area

11 May 2017

I arrived an hour earlier than my family. So, to save on transportation cost, I just decided to wait for them. We all took the cab together to our accommodation, Yi Yuan Hotel, near Fuzhong MRT. We were all tired so we didn’t do any more than chitchatting til 3am. The next day, we agreed on spending the day around the city area.

We woke up, prepared and headed out. At NTD440, we purchased the Taipei 3days Pass which we thought would be more practical than all the other public transport options. Our first MRT ride was to Longshan Temple. One of the oldest in Taipei. They said people come here to wish for protection, marriages and fertility. Despite not of the same faith, I closed my eyes and said some words in my head. People looked so solemn in there. It was contagious.

We had lunch at a small shop near the temple. Food was yummy and very affordable. We walked around HuaXi Night market after eating. Almost all the shops were still closed except for some massage places. Since we all could feel the effects of our full tummies, we decided to rest and have an hour of foot and back massage for NTD299, each person. It was a good call because we were all very sleepy and tired.

After our nap, now well-rested, we headed out to Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. It has a huge complex in between three halls. We walked towards the center, the CKS Hall and waited for the changing of guards. It was the first time, my parents have watched something like that. I was glad they liked it.

Changing of Guards, CKS Memorial Hall, Taipei

After this, we went to the end of the Red Line, Xiangshan and walked to the trail head of Elephant Hiking Trail. Atop the trail, one could see the view of the city, including Taipei 101. My mom and dad decided just to wait for us at the trail head. Me and my sister went up.

On top, there was an outdoor gym. A local named David was being friendly and he talked to us much about Taiwan and health. He taught us some basic poses to sooth our sore bodies. Unfortunately, we had to go and continue on with our journey because our parents were waiting for us.

We went a little bit more until, we saw the best viewpoint in the area. After that, we descended. Our parents were worried and upset at the same time because it took us so long do a small hike like that. Well, my sister and I really enjoyed talking to David and hoped we had more time.

We then headed out to Shilin Night Market to have our dinner. We found this shop, Jian Bao, selling fried dumplings. People were queuing, hence, we queued too. In front of the shop, there was a noodle stall, so, to add up more items on the table for dinner, we also ordered noodles from the lady. Street food for dinner was again successfully finished.

We walked around the market after that. My mom and sister were again so alive while we walk, just because it was shopping time! We concluded the night after that.

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4 May 2017

Silhouette of an old tree,
Backdrop of the sun slowly setting,
Half of my body’s mired into a quicksand
How do I get out of here?
“Why do you want to get out of here?”
A voice from behind suddenly spoke.
“This view is what you’ve ever wanted”

I looked around and found nobody.
Only the dirt turned into crystalish blue water.
Like the sea or the sky? I wasn’t sure.
I turned mobile.
I was able to pass through it,
Closer to the tree.

Closer, the tree looked ordinary.
It wasn’t as magnificent as it was far away.
I wanted to swim away again.
But the blue matter turned into boiling blood.
I could see half of the people enjoying the heat.
Half of the view was poignant.

I could smell my own blood.
It felt like I was slowly melting.
Is this acid? I asked.
Am I burning?No.
The wounds were healing fast.
The scars it created formed like an art!
It looked beautiful.

I couldn’t decide.
Should I keep staying around here?
Or do I even have a choice?
Am I not paddling away enough?
Am I not running away forcefully enough?
Am I really stuck?

Humans, we never have enough!

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On shaming

We are all imperfect. We ,at some point in our lives, had embarrassing public experiences that we all just want to forget. We may have accidentally shove people while rushing, or may have raised our voice on someone because of self-defense. Right? Would you appreciate it if someone just recorded that incident alone without even asking for why or how did the situation started then, circulate it online, just like that? No, right?

What happened to us? We now have this culture of shaming other people for what? For the sake of trending? Or getting famous? Or earning some money from it? Or to acquire sympathy from people we do not even know? I do not know. We all have our own motives. I just hope our motives are of greater value because it can destroy another human being’s life.

We do know that if there is really an injustice somewhere, we could bring our stories and recordings in respective avenues and government agencies. Right? Harassment isn’t tolerable, I know. These recordings are evidences. Meaning, people have to undergo trial before being judged. What are we doing now? Judging someone without trial? Destroying someone’s name and reputation without any knowledge on how exactly the events turned out to be like that?

Because of incidents like this, some of these people are being terminated from work, are being socially ostracized, are receiving threats and couldn’t anymore feel safe and at peace. They have kids , mom and dad and siblings who now, are being dragged into a messy place, as well. Who deserves to be a prisoner outside of prison? No one.

Online, these people are victims too. It is just sad to see, how fast shaming articles, videos and photos are being circulated and how it is even encouraged. I feel that this is also considered bullying.

How do we teach our children forgiveness if we, ourselves, just keep on complaining about a particular race or person online who accidentally pushed us in a crowded bus? Simple incidents that could have been resolved then and there, except we decided just to record it and embarrassed the other human being. Tarnish their reputation online? With this kind of culture, we are planting hate and a lot of prejudices. Eventually, forgiveness will become scarce. We will all just keep on shaming each other.

In a smaller scale, back-stabbing is also something like this.

Can’t we all just talk things out anymore?

These are forms of bullying! And Bullying is never ok.


I know, I haven’t been a victim of any major incidents yet. I can sympathize on those who have been and those who have resorted into internet shaming for help. I know that through the internet, we all are given voices, to share and be heard. It is faster to do so too. But, I’m also sending some sympathy to those whose lives have been destroyed because of internet shaming…..

I feel sorry for humanity. I really do. =(

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For now

I dived into the wilderness,
Under the earth’s deepest trench.
Swimming endlessly.
Meeting creatures, after creature.
They all want my flesh.
I am getting tired.
My lungs are almost empty.
I am drowning peacefully,
I accepted.
I am almost dying.

I closed my eyes and said my last prayer.
In my final moments,
I want to visualise love.
As I open my eyes again,
A bright creature appeared.
Unknown to me, it smiled to my face.
Hope came to grace.

This creature’s life reverberates
To the core of my being.
Like an invisible CPR.
Without touching me,
It feels like it’s bringing me to life.
I do not know how or why.

Those flesh-eating monsters just observed.
They let us stride smoothly without interrupting.
They didn’t attempt to attack.
I could see their wild tendencies,
But they all just look frozen.
Or maybe, they aren’t.
I’m just not afraid anymore.
For I am behind this unknown brightness.

I am blinded by the light this creature elicits.
It saved me under water.
I am worried.
When it’s brightness wears off,
Will it have the same killer fangs?
Will it squirt poison too?
Will it kill me too?
Or will it just continue to take me away?
From this trench of mosters I am in?

For now, Iam just grateful for it’s existence.
I survived for a bit more!
I survived for now.

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