Sunday thoughts

I seldom take time walking around the city area in the morning, though, I would usually run at night. Today, as I was heading for my Stretch Class in Telok Ayer Rd, I was able to see a bit and look around the district, especially because it’s #carfreesundaysg. Indeed, #Singapore has a different character and beauty during the day and in the night.

I had a yummy beef noodle soup for lunch and as I was eating, a realisation came to me. If I were home, I wouldn’t have sat in a table with people of different nationalities. I wouldn’t have this chance of exploring the world through other countries’ people. I realised that Singapore maybe small but the integration of people in it makes it exponentially rich.

I may not be a Singaporean, but, I sure appreciate the opportunity of working here for 12years. Thank you Singapore and Advanced Happy National Day!

Lastly, I can’t be out….see, I went for shopping too. ?

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20 Jul 2017

She will keep on running,
Despite not heading anywhere.
She will not chase nor race.
She will not laze nor daze.
She will keep on running.
Her nature, refuge and home!

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Weekend Getaway: Sibu Island, Malaysia

14-16 July 2017

I decided to go on a quiet weekend. As per my friend, R’s, recommendation, I picked Rimba Resort for this quest of silence.

I asked the Resort to arrange everything for me, transport from/to Singapore, boat to/from the island, meals etc. It’s quite pricey for a weekend getaway but I think, it was worth-it. I just stayed in the island, walked around, ate, read etc. I also had a 90minutes massage which was very relaxing. I also went for simple trek in the Jungle and went to the other resort.

The other resort looked more open and wavy, by the way. So, if you prefer calmer waters, Rimba is a better option for you. Also, meals that were inclusive were really delicious. I was always looking forward to the meal-times.

Highlight of the experience was the feeling of not being alone in the resort. Everyone talked to everybody. I got invited to join tables a couple of times. I truly enjoyed talking to a French woman, M. She was with her 2 lovely sons.

We were both introverted (I have seen her just alone all the time, reading her book while her sons played). She invited me to join her family’s table during dinner and I thought, why not. She looked like a nice lady. Surprisingly, we clicked. We shared stories about, life, travels, running and hiking! We had a lot of things in common! Unfortunately, I had to bid farewell ahead of them. They would be staying around Malaysia for a few more days.

Over-all, it was a good trip. I will definitely be back again. Just like most of the people there, they were all Rimba addicts! haha

Walking around the island

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The more rejects I was given,
The clearer the path is becoming.
Light in the path is showing.
Those people I shouldn’t be with.
Those activities I shouldn’t participate in
Those works I shouldn’t be doing.

The more rejects I was given,
The easier my life is becoming.
The brightness is starting to focus.
The spotlight is starting to spot.
Spot on what I should be doing.
Spot on what I should be pursuing
Spot on the location my heart will soon embrace.

Rejections are no longer hurtful.
It has become a step in finding what I am supposed to do.
What I am supposed to be.
Because I am drowning in options,
I was sent strings of divine interventions.
Rejection, is my direction.

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25 June 2017

In between these two worlds. Society and you.
Tag of war; one side is winning. It should.
In between this so-called day and night.
They’re just part of continued hours.
My choice, though unfree.
The creature I have become.
The self I am bound to be.
Me, my sunsets, my life.
Part of me.

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Vindicating your disregard with novelty.
New life, new work, new people.
The hopes I have,
Everything will be coming back to how it was before,
After all these have subsided.
Future that seems to never come.

Vindicating your disregard with adjustments.
Filling my mind with hopes.
Uncorrected, unintended, unforeseen.
Temporary this will be, I told myself.
It’s been forever.

Vindicating your disregard with suprises.
Your nailed lips never even whispered,
Surprises you never even imagined.
Hoping for your presence to arrive,
You never have, never will be!

Vindicating your disregard with my love.
Finding comfort on what was and not is.
Satiating the days between our exchanges.
But reality remains….

The bloody red curtain has dropped.
The show is over!

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18 June 2017

Sea of blabber,
Broken glasses everywhere.
She could hear her breaths,
Ambulances from all corners were ignoring her.
Above her, she could envision traditional lanterns from the East.
Strands of her hair were dripping tears.
Her muscle fibers were crying in grief.
Mindfulness in pain.
From stealing her sunset away.

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Swiss Foodies


Cheese fondue and Rivella. Rules if you drop your bread inside the pot, according to the Walking Tour guide:

Don’t bother looking for the bread within the pot anymore, there will be penalties. Examples are:

1. Sing a song.
2. Run around the house naked.
3. Kiss the person next to you.

Rivella is a Swiss-made carbonated drink. I seldom drink carbonated drinks but since, I was there, Why Nut (fourth photo)?

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Interlaken, Switzerland

6 to 10 Jun 2017

6 Jun 2017

I flew to Switzerland for the European Federation of Audiology Society (EFAS) conference sponsored by O, with 6 other audiologists. Flight was turbulent hence, I forced myself to sleep for me not to be stressed by it. So I could say that flight was uneventful because I was asleep two thirds of the time.

The group arrived in Zurich safely. We all drove for about 2hours to Interlaken, the conference location. It was a scenic drive. We arrived at about 10am. We couldn’t check in yet, so we decided to walk around the area first. We passed by beautiful bridges, rivers and residential houses. Cheesy Swiss lunch and check-in followed.

I signed up for a free walking tour at, just in case the group won’t have anything planned that night. True enough, there wasn’t anything, so I just invited everyone to join the tour with me and they were all keen to do so.

Free tour included passing though a Castle, churches, a trek to mid of Harderkulm, a panoramic view of the city, river, bridges, visit to some animal enclavements and plenty of stories. It was good however, fitness level of participants should be clearly stated in the website. Some of my group mates weren’t expecting the trekking part. Otherwise, it is highly recommended. We had dinner in a pub/restaurant near our accommodation after that.

Steinwild at the bae of Harderkulm, Interlaken

7 Jun 2017

H and I decided to go for a morning walk after the sumptuous hotel breakfast. Interlaken is a town in between two lakes, Lake Thun and Lake Breinz. We took Bus 21 to the Lake Thun side. It was a perfect day for walking along the lake and a little bit of a trail walk by the river back to the city. We used the Helsana Trail. We wanted to head up to Harderkulm but we were afraid we wouldn’t have enough time to do so, thus, we just planned to it another day. Also, I dropped by the church for a short prayer on our way home.

We headed back to the city to prepare for the pre-congress talks. At night, we had dinner in one Asian Restaurant. I wasn’t craving for it yet, but I supposed most in the group were.

We were supposed to go up to Hotel M for sunset but we weren’t able to reach on time for it. Sadly, we just decided to walk home and conclude the night.

8 Jun 2017

Conference programme started at 8am. I wouldn’t talk about Audiology here, but I have to say that topics were really very interesting for me. I haven’t been out attending conferences like this in a while, ergo, this was pretty exciting for me. I wanted to absorb as much as I could.

After the conference, H and I decided to go up to the peak of Harderkulm and skip the dinner with the group. We went up by rail insetad of trail For 21CHF. I wanted to trek up but I have to take H into consideration. She might not be able to be comfortable with it.

View from Harderkulm

It was an 8minutes funicular ride up (1-2hrs hike). View from the top was breath-taking. Two lakes, the JungFrau, Interlaken and some surrounding small towns. After conversing with H for a while on top, fulfilled, we made our descent and tried on a pricey Swiss McDonalds for dinner.

9 Jun 2017

Conference topics were as interesting as the day before. After a long day of learning, M, A , H and I went for a short trip to Bonigen. There, we were able to check out Lake Breinz, the other lake.

Also, we checked out these old yet quaint residential houses which is what Bonigen is famous for. They were mostly made of wood with facade of interesting inscriptions. Their porches and terraces were uniquely designed as well. It was a beautiful town, but we didn’t have enough time to visit all the recommended houses-to-see. We had to meet up with the rest of the group by 7pm.


My favourite, Chanellerhuus, built in 1735, front of the house has Roman and Gothic Inscriptions which was based on a tourist information brochure translates to “Many a one judges me and forgets his own shortcomings. Should he think of his own, so may he forget mine. Christen Michel, Master Carpenter, speaks to the reproving man, saying he should not despise me but rather ask himself if he could do it better”
The village of Bonigen has uniquely decorated houses with interesting inscriptions on the front wall. I kind of liked them.

Dinner was in an Indian Restaurant this time. I walked for a while to look for some Swiss knives for souvenir. I ended up buying 4, hence, no more Paragliding for me.

10 Jun 2017

Last half-day of the conference. We went to have lunch at Taverne, inside Hotel Interlaken, the oldest hotel in Interlaken and tried their cheese fondue. After lunch, I walked around the center field and just watched people until almost 4pm. At 4pm, the van back to Zurich Airport collected us. We had dinner and waited for another 4hours inside Zurich Airport.


It was an interesting learning and travelling experience. To be with my colleagues from different workplaces wasn’t very inviting to me initially, but to my surprise, it ended up well and fun. Special thanks to O, for the sponsorship, A, for leading the trip, H for being being my walk mate and my workplace for letting me go for this event. =)


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4 Jun 2017

Time will come that the world will get used to your lingering presence. Once that happens, humans won’t anymore fear you. Humans will be equipped with courage to face you, fight you or even die with you! Humans will learn how to embrace and forgive you. You will just be part of our nature. But please, let us know your purpose because some of us will not be ready to do so, unless we understand your reason. We want to know in order for us to understand and welcome the idea of just letting you be and cohabiting with you, in this beautiful place we all are standing and living upon! Please, Let us know!

-Says ‘Humans and Humanity’ to ‘War and Terrorism’

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